About Me

My goal is to share music with others

Who do you want to reach?

  • I want my music to reach people who can connect with it. My harp music has a medieval feel. If you’re looking for something a little different, something that transports you to another place and time, you may enjoy this work. Many of my songs have to do relationships—relationships with others, relationship with self, relationship with God and the interconnection of others, self, and God. I’ve found these songs to be very therapeutic, and I hope others may find them helpful too.

Where are you from (born and raised)?

  • Born and raised in the Mid-West, I’m a Kansas girl at heart. Kansas has a subtle beauty to it – whether it’s the sun breaking through the clouds during the late afternoon or a thunderstorm that fills the horizon with lightening. The prairie is an ocean, with the wind whipping the grass into waves. But what I most remember is the sense of community. You knew your neighbors and took care of each other.

Who inspired you? Who influenced you?  

  • My middle school and high school youth pastors, Jon Black and Brian Frable, were both had a huge influence on my life. Brian taught me how to play in a band, which is actually a pretty good metaphor for life—learning how to use your gifts as part of a team, an integral part of a whole that is much larger than you. The whole would not be complete without you, but you are not the center and must learn how to lay out and play with others.

Why do you love music? / When did it become your passion?

  • I’ve loved to sit at the piano and create since I was a little girl. In high school, I learned how to play off of chords, which opened up a new creative world for me.  As an adult, music has allowed me to process my grief and express what I can’t express any other way. Music for me is the purest form of prayer.

When did your love start? / How long have you been playing?

  • I’ve been playing piano since I was 7 and harp since college. In high school and college, I was also classically trained in voice. My second instrument was actually guitar, although I don’t play it much now, focusing more on piano, harp, and voice.

What do you play?

  • Piano, harp, hand drums (djembe, dubek, cajón), guitar, voice

Genre – what genre do you play? What’s your favorite?

  • I have eclectic tastes. I play folk and original songs with a medieval flavor. My piano-based songs tend to be in the pop genre. Although I didn’t grow up listening to funk and blues, I really enjoy those genres.

What musicians did you love growing up?  (90’s alternative)

  • I grew up on 90’s alternative songs, as well as Christain music (Rich Mullins, Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, DC talk, Jars of Clay)

When did Christianity become important to you?

  • I grew up going to church in a Christian family. It didn’t become personal for me until after 3rd grade, when I found I wanted to change something in my life and couldn’t do it by myself. That’s when it became real—when I had to ask God for help. He showed up. And He still does.